About us

I am Ingrid de Mes, owner of TrouwCompleet since 1 May 2021.

But why TrouwCompleet?

The idea actually came about after my own wedding on 24 May 2019. We wanted a low-budget wedding, but the costs went unnoticed. Especially the wedding dress was very expensive, even though you only wear it once. Therefore, I made a lot myself and tried renting different things, but I discovered that there were not many rental companies for wedding items. If there were more rental options, it could save a lot of money, which could then be spent on other things like the party.

After my eldest daughter Ashley and her husband’s wedding, I knew for sure: I have to do something with this! Thus TrouwCompleet was born.

It has since become a family affair: daughter Ashley takes care of the website, social media and e-mails, daughter Yacintha is a model and both assist with the “Fitting for Fun” appointments. So who knows, you might run into them!

Fotograaf: Eye of the Wolf