How to Find the Perfect Dress Within Your Budget

When it comes to finding the perfect wedding dress, one of the first and most crucial considerations is the budget. For many brides, setting a realistic budget is essential to ensure they find a beautiful dress that fits their financial possibilities. The costs can add up considerably when you consider that it is not just a wedding dress you are purchasing. There are often additional costs added by a hoop skirt, accessories and alterations, for example.

But what are the price ranges at TrouwCompleet?

Everyone is welcome
At TrouwCompleet, we offer a wide selection of beautiful wedding dresses for hire, so you can find your dream dress without having to worry about a high price tag. Whether you want to save money because you are in financially difficult times or on welfare, or just don’t want to spend so much money on a dress you will only wear for one day; everyone is welcome at our place.
Our rental prices range from €125 to €450 (per rental period), including everything you may need, such as accessories, veils and cleaning fees. Even any make-up costs are included! Because even though you rent the wedding dress, we try to make the dress as fitting for you as possible.

Know what you’re getting into
Renting a wedding dress offers several advantages, including affordability and convenience. With our diverse collection, you are guaranteed to find a dress that suits your style and budget. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about cleaning the dress after your wedding, as the cleaning costs are included in the rental price. So you won’t have to be surprised by unexpected high costs!

Whether you choose an elegant A-line dress, a graceful mermaid style, or a classic princess dress, at TrouwCompleet you will find the perfect wedding dress for your special day. Rent your dress from us and enjoy a hassle-free and affordable experience while you shine at your wedding!

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