When do you start picking out your wedding dress?

Finding the perfect wedding dress, your wedding dress, is one of a bride’s most exciting and emotional moment. But how long in advance should you actually start looking for that dream dress? The answer is: sooner than you think!

So much to discover
It is often underestimated how much time goes into finding the ideal wedding dress. It’s not as simple as walking into a clothing shop and picking out a basic T-shirt. There are so many different styles to explore, colours, fabrics, etc. It’s quite a bit of work to find the perfect dress to suit your personal taste and the mood of your wedding, venue and season.

Timing is everything
A general guideline is to start picking out your dress about 9 to 12 months before your wedding date. Wedding dresses often have to be made to order, so that along with the delivery time can take several months.

If you come to TrouwCompleet to look for a wedding dress, we advise you to come at least 1 to 6 months in advance. This then gives you enough time to explore styles and us to make any adjustments to the dress. This way, we try to fit the dress to your body as much as possible. And after one or more fitting appointments, you happily walk out the door with a beautiful dress!

But do you have a little less time until the official date? Then don’t worry! Because we also help brides in need. With the many models and sizes of wedding dresses we have in stock, there is always something for you! That way, we won’t leave a bride out in the cold.

Enjoy the moment!
The most important thing of all is to take people with you to your fitting appointment who know you well and can advise you. Above all, go into it with an open mind, because who knows what you might encounter unexpectedly. “You just have to see it on!” is what some say. So try on the models you had in mind, but also go crazy and try on a wedding dress you would never wear otherwise. Who knows, it might even look good on you. Now is your chance to go wild!

But most important of all: enjoy it!
Because how often in your life do you get the chance to choose your perfect wedding dress!